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2r2-3467 (12) <br />1 <br />RESOLUTION No. 6614 <br />2 <br />A RESOLUTILN OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />14 <br />NEWPORT BEACH ACCEPTING A PUBLIC UTILITY EASEI'"MT <br />3 <br />Records, records of said County, said corner being <br />4 <br />u;tHEREAS, The Irvine Company, a West Virginia corpor- <br />as being concave Northeasterly having a radixxs of <br />5 <br />anion, has executed and delivered to the City of Newport Beach <br />6 <br />a Public Utility Easement, which grants to the City an easement <br />7 <br />for public utility purposes in, under, along and over that certain <br />8 <br />real property situated in the City of Newport Beach, County of <br />9 <br />Orange, State of California, described as follows: <br />10 <br />A strip of land, 10.00 feet in width, in Block 93 of <br />19 <br />Irvine's Subdivision as per map recorded in Book 1, <br />11 <br />Page 88 of Miscellaneous Record Maps in the office <br />20 <br />of the County Recorder of said County, the Southeasterly <br />12 <br />line of said strip being described as follows: <br />13 <br />Beginning at the most Northerly corner of that certain <br />Parcel No. 1 as described in a creed recorded <br />14 <br />April 21, 1966 in Book 7908, Page 695 of Official <br />Records, records of said County, said corner being <br />15 <br />the most Nortmesterly terminus of a curve descr ?_bed <br />as being concave Northeasterly having a radixxs of <br />16 <br />2136.00 feet, an arc length of 138.22 feet, a radial <br />line to said corner bears South 530 38' 28 "1 iciest; <br />17 <br />thence Northwesterly 15.03 feet along the North- <br />westerly prolongation of said curve through an angle <br />18 <br />of 0° 24' 1101 to the True Point of Beginning, a <br />radial line to said True Point of Beginning bears <br />19 <br />South 54° 02' 3911 West; thence leaving said curve non - <br />tangent North 50 °. 25' 590° East 907.20 feet along a <br />20 <br />portion of the Northwesterly line of that certain <br />15,00 feet wide easement to the City of Newport Beach <br />21 <br />for sanitary sewer line purposes as described in. <br />Book 5866, Page 761 of Official Records, records of <br />22 <br />said County., to a point on a line parallel with and <br />distant Northerly 30.00 feet measured at -rigght angles <br />23 <br />from that certain line shown as South 710 O4' 017Zast <br />396.96 feet on a map filed in Book 63, Page 45 of <br />24 <br />Record of Surveys, records of said County. <br />25 <br />The Northwesterly line of said strip of land shall <br />terminate Northeasterly on said parallel line and <br />26 <br />Southwesterly on the Northwesterly prolongation of <br />said 2136.00 foot radius curve. <br />27 <br />SUBJECT TO easements and rights of way of record or <br />28 <br />apparent. <br />29 <br />RESERVING UNTO GRANTOR, its successors and assigns, the right <br />to use.said land for any purpose whatsoever as shall not <br />30 <br />interfere with or endanger the use by Grantee of this easement <br />. <br />including but not limited to the right_to construct, relocate, <br />31 <br />repair, maintain and use paved parking areas, alleys and <br />pipelines in, on, over, across, under and along said land; <br />32 <br />