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Attachment A <br />Submit by Email I I Print Form <br />i� O -7,J) <br />FOR OFFICE USE ONLY <br />Residence District No: I <br />Verified by 4M— <br />?113 Jrs; —a PH 3: 31 <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />3300 Newport Boulevard <br />Newport Beach, CA 92663 <br />City Clerk (949) 644 -3005 <br />Fax (949) 644 -3039 <br />DIRECTIONS: One application can be used for all the appointive positions you are applying for. Applications should be filled c <br />completely so that the City Council may fully evaluate your qualifications. It is the responsibility of the applicant to familiarize themsek <br />with the duties and responsibilities of the position(s) applied for. Detailed information outlining the responsibilities of the positions c <br />be obtained from the City Clerk's office or on the City's website: (General Info /Citizen Participatio <br />Applications will be kept on file for two years for the position(s) applied for. If you are not selected for appointment during that period <br />time, it will be necessary for you to re- submit an application if you are still interested in being considered. NOTICE: Section 702 of t <br />City Charter requires that members of Boards or Commissions appointed by the City Council shall be from the qualified electors of t <br />City. This document is a public record and may be posted on the internet. <br />NAME OF BOARD, COMMISSION OR COMMITTEE: Environmental Quality Affairs Committee ( "Committee') <br />Name: Jameson Kimberly Alexandra I <br />(Last) <br />(First) <br />Residence Address (required): Zip Code: 92663 <br />How long have you lived in Newport Beach? —30 years Home Phone: — <br />Business Address: Business Phone: <br />(Middle) <br />Email Address: i <br />Have you ever been convicted of any crime or violation of any law or statute other than minor traffic violations? <br />X NO YES (If yes, attach separate sheet with explanation) <br />Name and Location of Colleges/ <br />Universities Attended <br />Major <br />Degree <br />Last Year <br />Attended <br />University of Calif., Irvine, Irvine CA. <br />Cognitive Sciences <br />PhD <br />1989 <br />University of Calif., Irvine, Irvine CA. <br />Cognitive Sciences <br />MA <br />1988 <br />University of Calif., Irvine, Irvine CA. <br />Social Sciences <br />BA <br />1985 <br />CONTINUE TO PAGE TWO <br />