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�w 'DocuSign Envelope ID: 1EA991EF-6C53-49EA-833F-5EAFCB9IBCFB <br />vJ <br />AMENDMENT NO. FOUR TO <br />MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT <br />1 WITH NEW IRVINE RANCH CONSERVANCY FOR <br />�J THE BUCK GULLY OPEN SPACE RESERVE <br />THIS AMENDMENT NO. FOUR TO MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT <br />("Amendment No. Four') is made and entered into as of the 7t' day of November, 2016 <br />("Effective Date") by and between the CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH, a California <br />municipal corporation and charter city ("City"), and IRVINE RANCH CONSERVANCY, a <br />California nonprofit corporation ("Assignor'), whose address is 4727 Portola Parkway, <br />Irvine, CA 92620, and is made with reference to the following: <br />RECITALS <br />A. On March 1, 2008, City and Irvine Ranch Conservancy, a California nonprofit <br />corporation ("Assignor') entered into a Management Agreement ("Agreement") <br />for management services related to the Buck Gully Open Space Preserve <br />("Project"). <br />B. On July 1, 2011, City and Assignor entered Amendment No. One to the <br />Agreement to modify the Basic Management Services and adjust the total base <br />Management Fee ("Amendment No. One"). <br />C. On May 31, 2013, City and Assignor entered Amendment No. Two to the <br />Agreement to increase the scope of work, and to increase the total compensation <br />("Amendment No. Two'). <br />D. On November 7, 2014, City and Assignor entered Amendment No. Three to the <br />Agreement to assign and transfer the Scope of Work and all rights and <br />responsibilities under the Agreement to NEW IRVINE RANCH CONSERVANCY, <br />a California nonprofit corporation ("Manager') ("Amendment No. Three"). <br />E. In 2015, Manager formally dissolved and Assignor purchased the rights to the <br />name "IRVINE RANCH CONSERVANCY". <br />F. The parties desire to enter into this Amendment No. Four to assign and transfer <br />the scope of work and all rights and responsibilities under the Agreement back to <br />Assignor, to incorporate an Operating Plan, to include Prevailing Wage language <br />and to increase the Management Fee. <br />G. City, Manager and Assignor mutually desire to amend this Agreement, as <br />provided below. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed by and between the undersigned <br />parties as follows: <br />1. SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED <br />Pursuant to Article IV, Section 4.3 of the Agreements, "Modification of <br />Management Services", the Scope of Services performed by Manager shall be <br />NEW IRVINE RANCH CONSERVANCY Page 1 <br />