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���WPORT CITY OF <br />NEWPORT REACH <br />City Council Staff Report Agenda Item No. 3 <br />November 26, 2013. <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: Public Works Department <br />David A. Webb, Public Works Director <br />949- 644 -3330, d.awebb <br />PREPARED BY: Chris Miller, Harbor Resources Manager <br />949 -644 -3043, cmiller <br />APPROVED: :N � A K-/W <br />TITLE: AMENDMENT TO NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE AND <br />ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION RELATED TO RESIDENTIAL AND <br />COMMERCIAL PIERS <br />ABSTRACT: <br />Following an action to revise rents in Newport Harbor towards fair market value; the City <br />Council made a commitment to "look back" in 2013 to review the process, including the <br />rent implementation procedure for residential and commercial piers and moorings. Staff <br />hosted two public workshops in August 2013, and presented the feedback and <br />recommendations to the City Council at its November 12, 2013 City Council Study <br />Session. At this Study Session; the City Council reviewed the feedback from the public <br />workshops and staff recommendations, and directed staff to return with revisions to the <br />implementation process for residential and commercial piers. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />a) Introduce Ordinance No. 2013 -27 amending Chapter 17.60 and subsection <br />17.35.020(B)(2) of the NBMC regarding residential and commercial piers located <br />upon tidelands, and if so desired pass to a second reading on December 10, <br />2013; <br />b) Adopt Resolution No. 2013 -88 adjusting the residential pief rental' calculation and <br />approving a revised model permit template for residential piers located upon . <br />tidelands, and amending Resolution 2012 -98 to reclassify certain homeowner's <br />association (HOA) slips from commercial to residential; <br />c) Approve the reclassification of HOA slips to be retroactively applied beginning <br />March 1; 2013, and approve refunds or credits for those affected HOAs; and <br />d) Direct staff to develop an administrative policy to use Harbor Patrol generated <br />rental revenue. collected from transient moorings for amenities in Newport Harbor <br />