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SECTION 6. That the City Clerk shall immediately make and deliver to each of <br />the persons so elected a Certificate of Election signed by the City Clerk and authenticated, that <br />the City Clerk shall also administer to each person elected the Oath of Office prescribed in the <br />Constitution of the State of California and shall have them subscribe to it and file it in the office <br />of the City Clerk. Each and all of the persons so elected shall then be inducted into the <br />respective office to which they have been elected. <br />SECTION 7. That the City Clerk shall certify to the passage and adoption of this <br />resolution and enter it into the book of original resolutions. <br />PASSED, APPROVED and ADOPTED on this 12th day of December 2000. <br />ATTEST: <br />y sCity Clerk <br />4 <br />