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SEW PAR CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AFFAIRS <br />oRNT COMMITTEE <br />AGENDA <br />MONDAY January 13, 2003 <br />LOCATION: CHANGED TO <br />CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS <br />7:00 p.m. 3300 Newport Boulevard <br />Roll Call <br />1. Minutes of December 16, 2002 <br />2. Discussion of John Wayne Settlement Agreement and Correspondence from the <br />FAA— Robert Burnham, City Attorney <br />3. Report of Subcommittee on Costa Mesa Plaza Residence Project Draft <br />Environmental Impact Report <br />4. Report from Communications Subcommittee: EQAC Material on City Website- <br />5. Report from EQAC Member on GPUC <br />6. Report from EQAC Members on GPAC <br />7. Report on LCP and information on Subcommittee <br />8. Council Member Reports <br />9. Public Comments <br />10. Future Agenda Items — February meeting date. <br />NEXT MEETING DATE: February ?, 2003 <br />LOCATION: Police Department Auditorium <br />870 Santa Barbara <br />