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cEWP�RT CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AFFAIRS <br />COMMITTEE <br />C1Gf FOANP <br />Approved 4 -14 -03 <br />Minutes of the Environmental Quality Affairs Citizens Advisory Committee held at the City Council <br />Chambers, 3300 Newport Boulevard, on, March 17, 2003. <br />Members Present <br />Steve Bromberg, Mayor <br />Robert Hawkins, Chairperson <br />Barry Eaton, Vice Chairman <br />Laura Dietz <br />Thomas Eastmond <br />Carol Hoffman <br />Tom Hyans <br />Elaine Linhoff <br />Staff Representatives <br />Sharon Wood, Assistant City Manager <br />Members Not Present <br />Richard Nichols, Council member <br />Barry Allen <br />Gary Borquez <br />Gus Chabre <br />The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. <br />4 <br />Minutes of February 24, 2003 <br />Phillip Lugar <br />Jim Miller <br />Dolores Otting <br />Marge Pantzar <br />Nancy Raney <br />Cris Trapp <br />Jennifer Winn <br />Niki Kallikounis, Department Assistant <br />Ray Halowski <br />Richard Rivett <br />Louis Von Dyl <br />Christopher Welsh <br />Carol Hoffman moved to approve the minutes. Phillip Lugar seconded the motion. A <br />correction was noted and accepted by the maker of the motion. Motion to approve the <br />corrected minutes passes. <br />Introduction of New Members <br />Chairman Hawkins introduced Dolores Otting, appointed to District 7 and Thomas <br />Eastmond, an at -large member for District 7. <br />1 3. IRWD San Joaquin Reservoir Presentation <br />Chairman Hawkins gave a brief background of the EIR and commented that the <br />subcommittee will be issuing a report. Mike Hoolihan of IRWD gave a PowerPoint <br />presentation on the San Joaquin Reservoir. Mr. Hoolihan talked about the project <br />chronology, summary and benefits. He referred to each of EQAC's comments on the <br />earlier Mitigated Negative Declaration and went into detail in explanation of actions they are <br />taking because of the comments. Mr. Hoolihan entertained questions and answers after <br />the presentation. <br />Because EQAC recently received the draft EIR and they have a limited time to offer <br />comments, the next committee meeting date was changed to April 14`" to be able to submit <br />