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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AFFAIRS <br />, COMMITTEE <br />AGENDA <br />DATE /TIME: MONDAY, November 17, 2003 — 7:00 P.M. <br />LOCATION: Police Department Auditorium <br />870 Santa Barbara Drive <br />.-TeM 1I <br />1. Minutes of October 20, 2003 (draft minutes attached)` <br />2. Subcommittee Report on Regent Newport Beach Resort Hotel Notice of Preparation <br />(NOP) (draft report attached) <br />3. Subcommittee Report on St. Mark Presbyterian Church Notice Of Preparation (NOP) <br />4. Subcommittee Report on Draft EIR for Pacific City, Huntington Beach <br />5. Subcommittee Report on Supplemental Draft El for Centerline (draft report attached) <br />6. Report from Membership Subcommittee <br />7. Report from EQAC Representative to GPUC <br />8. Report from EQAC Members on GPAC <br />9. Report on LCP process <br />10. Council Member Reports <br />11. Report from staff on current projects <br />12. Public Comments <br />13. Future Agenda Items <br />NEXT MEETING DATE: December 15, 2003 <br />LOCATION: Police Dept Auditorium <br />*Draft attachments can be found on the City's website'L-buacii.Ca,L[S. Click on City Councii and <br />then click on Azeirda.s and Minures. The Attachments are also available in the City of Newport Beach Planning <br />Department, 3300 Newport Boulevard, Building C, 2 "' Floor <br />