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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE <br />Minutes 05 -17 -04 <br />Minutes of the Environmental Quality Affairs Citizens Advisory Committed held at the City of <br />Newport Beach Police Department Auditorium, 870 Santa Barbara Drive, on May 17, 2004. <br />Members Present <br />Robert Hawkins, Chairperson <br />Cris Trapp, Vice Chairperson <br />Richard Nichols, Council Member <br />Ryan Dwight <br />Kenneth Drellishak <br />Sandra Haskell <br />Staff Present <br />Sharon Wood, Assistant City Manager <br />Niki Kallikounis, Planning Dept. Asst. <br />Guests Present <br />Phillip Bettencourt <br />Members not present <br />Barry Allen — Excused Absence <br />Steven Bromberg, Council Member <br />Gus Chabre <br />Brent Cooper— Excused Absence <br />Laura Dietz <br />Thomas Eastmond <br />The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. <br />1. Minutes of April 19, 2004 <br />Carol Hoffman <br />Walter Lazicki <br />Phillip Lugar <br />Dolores Otting <br />Merritt Van Sant <br />Christopher Welsh <br />Maggie Fitzgerald — Excused Absence <br />Ray Halowski <br />Tom Hyans — Excused Absence <br />Richard Rivett <br />Jennifer Winn — Excused Absence <br />Motion: Kenneth Drellishak moved to approve minutes with recommended <br />changes: <br />Seconded: Ryan Dwight. <br />Motion passes unanimously. <br />2. Report from the subcommittee on the Marinapark Resort & Community Plan Draft <br />Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) <br />Chairman Hawkins set a protocol to have a standing motion to correct all typos. <br />