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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />U4S, CO,MMUN'ITY AND ECONOMIC Hearing Date: January 25, 1999 <br />DEVELOPMENT <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT Agenda Item No.: 25 <br />3300 NEWPORT BOULEVARD Staff Person. Daniel R. Trimble <br />NEWPORT BEACH. CA 92658 (949) 644 -3230 <br />(949) 644 -3200; FAX (949) 644 -3250 <br />REPORT TO THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT. Revised Council Policy K -2 and draft letter to owners of historic <br />property in Balboa Village. <br />SUGGESTED ACTIONS <br />1. Approve Council Policy K -2 as amended. <br />2. Approve draft letter and direct staff to send the letter to: <br />a. All property owners listed below, except for City of Newport Beach; <br />b. Owners of previously inventoried properties only; or, <br />C. Only those property owners selected by the City Council at this time. <br />3. Initiate designation process for all City owned properties listed below. <br />C ' • 1 <br />This item is a follow up to the November 23, 1993 City Council decision regarding designation of <br />historic properties on the Balboa Peninsula. The decision directed staff to become more proactive <br />in the designation of historic properties by encouraging owners of historic properties to have their <br />properties designated and to amend City Council Policy K -2 to provide for City initiation of the <br />designation process. The City Council also directed staff to work with a consultant to develop a <br />uniform design for historic plaques to identify properties on the City's Historical Resister and to <br />%.ork with local historic preservation groups to expand and promote wal- -king tours of the Balboa <br />Peninsula sites. <br />Staff has drafted an amended City Council Policy K -2 to allow for direct initiation of the <br />designation process by the City Council (Attachment 1). The amended policy allows the City to be <br />proactive in the initiation of the process, but still calls for consent of the property owner prior to <br />designation. <br />Staff has also drafted a letter to the owners of potentially historic properties in the Balboa Village <br />area (Attachment 2). There are approximately a dozen properties or sites in the Balboa Village area <br />that have been inventoried but not designated for inclusion on the Historical Register. They are: <br />1. Lovell House (Private Residence), 1242 Ocean Front W., 'Gary Lovell -Owner <br />2. Site of Pacific Electric Trolley Terminal, Balboa Blvd. E. at Main St., City of Newport Beach <br />3. Duck Inn (Private Residence), 1130 Balboa Blvd. E., Gus Chabre -Owner <br />4. Newport Elementary School, 1327 Balboa Blvd. W., Newport Mesa School District <br />Historic Balboa <br />January 18, 1999 <br />