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NEWPORT BEACH CITY COUNCIL <br />SUPPLEMENTAL AGENDA - REGULAR MEETING <br />MARCH 8, 1999 <br />S25. DISCUSSION OF THE RECOMMENDATION OF COASTAL COMMISSION STAFF <br />ON THE CITY'S LCP GRANT REQUEST <br />Action: Authorize the Mayor to sign and staff to deliver a letter to the Coastal <br />Commission expressing the City's concerns regarding the conditions of <br />approval of its LCP grant. Direct staff to continue working with the staff of <br />the Coastal Commission towards approval of grant funding that meets the <br />City's needs. <br />S26. AD HOC CITY COUNCIL AIRPORT ISSUES COMMITTEE FUNDING <br />RECOMMENDATIONS. <br />Action: Authorize the Mayor to execute funding agreements consistent with the <br />following recommendations made by the Committee: <br />a) $173,000 to the Alliance with an initial payment of $100,000 and six <br />equal monthly payments of $11,166; <br />b) $50,000 to the Airport Working Group (AWG) to conduct a public <br />"attitudes" study and fund consultant support; and <br />c) $50,000 to Citizens for Jobs and the Economy (CJE) to conduct <br />lobbying and other pro- airport activity. <br />S27. ANNOUNCEMENT OF APPOINTMENT OF CITY MANAGER AND APPROVAL OF <br />EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT. <br />Action: Announce appointment of new City Manager and approve the <br />employment agreement. [REPORT TO BE DISTRIBUTED AT MEETING] <br />