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0 <br />Newport Beach City Council <br />AGENDA ITEM 4 <br />March 22, 1999 Council Meeting <br />TO: MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: DAVE KIFF, ASSISTANT TO THE CITY MANAGER <br />SUBJECT: COUNCIL POLICY MANUAL— POLICY CHANGES, AFFIRMATION OF <br />STATEMENT ON INVESTMENT POLICY (F -1). and FEE RESOLUTION <br />RECOMMENDED ACTION: <br />(a) Approve the proposed changes to Council Policies A -2, A -3, 8 -1, C -1, <br />1 -21, J -1, J -2, J -3, J -4, J -5, K -3, K -6, L -12, and L -21; <br />(b) Reaffirm Policy F -1 (Statement on Investment Policy); and <br />(c) Adopt Resolution 99 -_ relating to the City's Fee Schedule for 1999. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />This agenda item contains three linked parts: <br />(1) the annual review of the City Council Policy Manual; <br />(2) the annual re- affirmation of the City's Statement of Investment Policy; and <br />(3) the adoption of a resolution adopting certain fees that will be otherwise removed from <br />the Council Policy Manual. <br />• POLICY MANUAL CHANGES. Council Policy A -3 directs the City Council to, every <br />February, review the more than 100 "council policies" in the Council Policy Manual. These <br />policies instruct the Council and City staff on how to process a variety of different issues and <br />actions from airport and annexations to voice mail and water service outside the City limits. This <br />year, the policies proposed for change are: <br />A -2 — Board and Commission Appointments (substantive) <br />A -3 — Council Policy Review (substantive) <br />B -1 — Newport Beach Airport Policy (rename to "Aviation" then renumber) <br />C -1 — Annexation Guidelines (renumber only) <br />1 -21 — Public Library Community Room Use (specific fee deleted, schedule reference added) <br />J -1 — Contractswith Former City Employees (renumber only) <br />J -2 — Designated Assignment of Unassigned City Hall Vehicles (renumber only) <br />J -3 — Employee Suggestion Program (IDEA) (renumber only) <br />J4 — Employee of the Year (renumber only) <br />J -5 — Use of City Telephones and Calling Cards (renumber only) <br />K -3 — Implementation Procedures for CEQA (substantive) <br />K -6 — Commercial Uses in Residential Districts (substantive) <br />L -12 — Oceanfront Encroachment Policy (specific fee deleted, schedule reference added) <br />L -21 — Sidewalk CafB Standards and Procedures (specific fee deleted, schedule reference added) <br />Attachment A describes these proposed changes. Where we have recommended a <br />substantive change (beyond renaming, beyond renumbering, or beyond where we suggest <br />in insertion a fee and referring to the fee schedule), Attachment B includes the strikeout and <br />insertion version of the Policy. <br />Newport Beach City Council <br />