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Section 18941.5 or Section 17958.7 of the Health and Safety Code. Findings must be <br />made by the jurisdiction to any changes that are more restrictive than the standards. <br />The adoption process takes place every three years when the model codes are <br />published. The current adoption will be for the following codes: <br />1998 Editions of the California Building, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes based <br />on the 1997 Uniform Codes. <br />2. 1998 California Electrical Code based on the 1996 National Electrical Code. <br />3. The 1997 Uniform Housing and Administrative Codes. <br />4. The 1997 Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code. <br />5. The Excavation and Grading Code. <br />In an effort to provide consistency in code application and reduce regulations while <br />maintaining high safety standards in Orange County, several cities joined to form a <br />uniformity group. This group studied the local amendments of each participating city <br />and through a consensus process reached an agreement to adopt a uniform set of <br />amendments covering the technical provisions. The result is a total of nine <br />amendments representing a 90% reduction in local amendments. The following list <br />represents all participating cities: Anaheim, Brea, Garden Grove, Irvine, Laguna <br />Niguel, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Orange, Villa Park, Westminster. Newport <br />Beach is a member of the group and the attached proposed amendments are consistent <br />with that effort. The Administrative, Housing, Fire and Grading Codes were not <br />addressed since each jurisdictions application of these codes depends on their <br />organization structure. <br />The Building Board of Appeals heard the proposed amendments at its April 7, 1999 <br />meeting and voted unanimously to recommend adoption of the proposed amendment to <br />the City Council. In addition, the Building Department met with representatives of the <br />Orange County Chapter of the Building Industry Association who attended the Board of <br />Appeals meeting of April 7, 1999, as well and concurred with the proposed amendment. <br />The board meeting was attended by several members of the development community as <br />a result of approximately 100 invitations from our user group mailing list. <br />OVERVIEW OF THE PROPOSED AMENDMENTS <br />A summary of the proposed amendments and justifications is presented on Page 4 of <br />this report. The Building Department evaluated the existing amendments and deleted <br />several provisions consistent with the uniformity effort. Several provisions were also <br />deleted to eliminate redundancies and in the interest of streamlining processes such as <br />the Section 15.02.070 requirement for a bond for a temporary utility connection. Staff <br />believes that processing these bonds is a long and unnecessary administrative process <br />