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Water Main Master Plan improvements, Water Transmission Main Master Plan <br />improvements, reservoir improvements, and $764,000 for the replacement of Zone No. 3 <br />pump station at Big Canyon Reservoir. <br />Sewer Master Plan improvements, Sewer Force Main replacement, pump station <br />improvements, and $293,000 for pump station abandonment at Jamboree/Bison. <br />Planning and construction of Bonita Canyon Park <br />$600,000 for the City's portion of a new freeway connector between the northbound Corona <br />del Mar Freeway and the southbound Costa Mesa Freeway. <br />REVIEW PROCESS OPTIONS: <br />♦ Review operating budgets at 5 -24 -99 Study Session (answer questions by department) and <br />capital improvement budgets at 6 -14 -99 Study Session. <br />♦ Have one or more special Study Sessions to review budget in more detail. <br />♦ Appoint ad -hoc committee to review budget and make recommendation to full Council. This <br />committee would be subject to the open meeting rules. <br />♦ As always, you are welcome to contact me for further review. <br />