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SUBJECT: MACARTHUR BOULEVARD WIDENING -SEGMENT 2 <br />CONSTRUCTION OF SOUND WALLS FOR CONTRACT NO. 2825(x) - COMPLETION AND <br />ACCEPTANCE <br />May 10, 1999 <br />Page 2 <br />All work was completed by April 19, 1999, the scheduled completion date. The <br />responsibility for maintaining the sound attenuation walls by the individual property <br />owners commences upon recordation of the contract Notice of Completion. <br />Resp submi <br />PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br />Don Webb, Director <br />By/-& 1 <br />Gail Plckart <br />Project Manager <br />Attachment: Location Map <br />• <br />F:\ Users \PBW\Shared \COUNCIL \FY98- 99Way- 10\Sound Walls C- 2825(K).doc <br />