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SUBJECT: Mariners Library Roof Replacement — Award of Contract No. 3241 <br />May 10, 1999 <br />Page 2 <br />Alternate "B" <br />BIDDER <br />Low Long Beach Roofing Inc. <br />2 Vance and Associates Roofing Inc. <br />3 Lavey Roofing Corporation <br />*Corrected Bid Amount is $43,172.10 <br />* *Corrected Bid Amount is $58,072.40 <br />TOTAL BID AMOUNT <br />$41,602.50 <br />'$43,171.70 <br />* *$50,624.00 <br />The low total bid amount is 39% above the Engineer's Estimate of $30,000.00. The low <br />bidder for Alternate "A" and "B ", Long Beach Roofing Inc., possesses a Roofing <br />Contractor "C -39" License as required by the project specifications. Long Beach Roofing <br />Inc., has not worked for the City of Newport Beach in the past, but a check of the <br />company's references indicates that the Contractor has satisfactorily completed similar <br />projects for other municipalities. <br />Staff recommends awarding Alternate "A" to Long Beach Roofing Inc. Sufficient funds <br />are available in the Building Excise Tax Fund —Account No. 7271- C4120433. <br />Respectfully sd, <br />P_W PARTMENT <br />Don Webb, Director <br />By: <br />Ed Wimmer <br />Senior Civil Engineer <br />Attachments: Project Location Map <br />Bid Summary <br />f: \users\pbw\shared \council \fy98- 99\may- 10\mariners library c- 3241.doc <br />0 <br />u <br />• <br />