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NEWPORT CENTER PROJECT COORDINATION <br />The Pacific Plaza project was proposed and the General Plan amendment was initiated before The <br />Irvine Company made its proposal to expand Newport Center and before the Planning Commission <br />and City Council indicated their interest in a comprehensive study of future development in the <br />area. Consequently, this applicant is further along in the City review process than other property <br />owners, as evidenced by the preparation of a scope of services, selection of a consulting firm, and <br />draft of a contract for the EIR. <br />Staff has met with this applicant's representatives to discuss the City's intentions to evaluate the <br />entire Newport Center area comprehensively. They have been open to considering a delay in <br />processing time of their proposal to be included in the comprehensive study, but have expressed <br />concern about the amount of time involved. The applicant is still considering the possible <br />advantages and disadvantages of participating in the comprehensive study, but has requested <br />authorization of their EIR contract so that additional time is not lost while a decision is made. Staff <br />has advised the applicant that they will be responsible for all expenditures on preparation of their <br />project specific EIR should they decide to terrninate that effort in favor of participating in the <br />comprehensive study. Staff also has advised that it may not be possible to join the comprehensive <br />study once it is underway, although it may be possible to coordinate the timing of decisions on both <br />projects. <br />Submitted by: Prepared by: <br />SHARON Z. WOOD MARC W. MYERS <br />Assistant City Manager <br />Attachments: Sc of Services Proposal <br />Letter from Lend Lease <br />Professional Services Agreement <br />Associate Planner <br />FIUSERS/PLN /SH D/ 1PLANCOM/PENDQJGBIACK&NUCC -APPR <br />Page 2 <br />0 <br />