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SUBJECT: VACATION AND ABANDONMENT OF A PORTION OF AVOCADO AVENUE, LOCATED BETWEEN PACIFIC <br />DRIVE AND WATERFRONT DRIVE IN THE CORONA DEL MAR AREA. <br />Page 2 <br />May 10, 1999 <br />of that portion of Avocado Avenue assures Mrs. Wheeler that the City will not widen the <br />street; there will be adequate width to accommodate large vehicles; and the neighbors <br />will have a parking bay. The construction of the parking bay along the easterly side of <br />Avocado Avenue assures that the proposed area to be vacated will not be needed for <br />present or prospective public use. <br />Southern California Edison Company, Pacific Bell and the Southern California Gas <br />Company have no facilities in the area of Avocado Avenue to be abandoned. However, <br />the City has a sewer main in the area to be vacated and will reserve an easement for <br />sewer maintenance purposes. <br />A Notice of Vacation was published for 2 successive weeks prior to the hearing in the <br />official newspaper of the City of Newport Beach; and the property was posted at least two <br />(2) weeks before the day of the public hearing. The posted notices of the proposed <br />vacation were conspicuously posted along Avocado Avenue not more than 300 feet apart <br />using a minimum of 3 notices. The notices stated the day, hour, and place of the hearing. <br />Adoption of the recommended Council resolution will complete the statutory proceedings <br />to vacate a portion of Avocado Avenue right -of -way contiguous with 401 Avocado Avenue <br />as described in Exhibit "A" and depicted in Exhibit "B ". <br />Respectfully <br />submitted, <br />0r wv�— <br />Don Webb <br />Public Works Director <br />by: <br />Richard L. Hoffstadt, P.E. <br />Development Engineer <br />Attachments: Resolution <br />Exhibit A <br />Exhibit B <br />Exhibit C, Title Report <br />0 <br />\ \MIS_1\SYS \Users\PBW\Shared \COUNCIL \FY98 -99 \May- 10Wvocado Avenue.doc <br />