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City of Newport Beach <br />Study Session and Regular Meeting <br />November 12, 2014 <br />Public Works Director Webb commented on Council's direction to "think big" in terms of the <br />specific corner and reported that 27 parking stalls will be removed. Council may choose either of <br />the options presented. The option for 33 parking stalls would provide more parking but less <br />landscaping. <br />Mayor Hill stated that he assumed the corner would be accented by landscaping, but questioned <br />whether a chair or bench would be useful on that corner. Public Works Director Webb stated <br />that staff is seeking direction in that regard. <br />Mayor Hill suggested it would be better to have a gathering place on the other side of the street, <br />adjacent to the hotel. Council Member Gardner questioned whether encouraging people to sit <br />outside would provide some benefit. Mayor Hill indicated thought needs to be given as to who <br />will use that corner as a gathering place and stated that it would be appropriate to have an <br />architectural statement there. He added that the corner is not an appropriate place for a water <br />feature. Mr. Cardoza addressed alternative accents for consideration and asked for feedback <br />from Council. <br />Public Works Director Webb noted opportunities to add more enhanced landscaping <br />In response to Mayor Pro Tem Selich's question, Mr. Cardoza and Public Works Director Webb <br />pointed out the location of the three stalls that would be lost under the 30 stall option. Mayor <br />Pro Tem Selich stated that he calculates there would be a loss of four stalls and Public Works <br />Director Webb indicated that he will verify the calculation. <br />Public Works Director Webb referenced turf in front of an existing monument, noting that it <br />could be removed. Council Member Gardner stressed the need to be water conscious. <br />Public Works Director Webb identified areas that have not been addressed in an attempt to be <br />cost - conservative. He noted deficiencies that are being corrected in terms of landscaping. <br />Council Member Petros agreed with Council Member Gardner's comments, but noted that the <br />area is used by residents to walk their dogs so that turf in the area does have a use. Public <br />Works Director Webb noted another monument and turf across the street and suggested that if <br />one is changed, the other should be also. <br />Council Member Daigle commented on the amount of space taken up by roads, believing that a <br />small green area would be fairly insignificant in comparison. <br />Public Works Director Webb commented on a temporary sidewalk in front of the Lido House <br />Hotel and stated that staff will monitor the area after the Hotel project is built to determine <br />what changes are needed. He added that the Lido House Hotel project will provide a gain in <br />landscaping. He addressed the diamond cut sidewalk and reported that the median on 31st <br />Street will be closed. <br />In response to Council Member Petros' question as to whether the Traffic Engineer has looked at <br />the westbound right turn out on Finley Street, Public Works Director Webb stated that it has <br />been reviewed but that it is a controlled intersection. <br />Tom Terich commented on the existing vacant bank building and noted that it provided a sound <br />buffer from the noisy street. He encouraged Council to consider including landscaping that will <br />help reduce noise and the site of cars, and somewhat reduce traffic activity on Newport <br />Boulevard and 32 °d Street. He asked regarding the possibility of providing a low -level wall or <br />plant buffering along a portion of the Channel. <br />Volume 62 - Page 95 <br />