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Long term adaptive biotic resource management and monitoring <br />Habitat restoration and enhancement <br />Fire and fuels management <br />Public access and recreation <br />Maintenance of the existing infrastructure consistent with the terms of the NCCP <br />Mandated reporting <br />Through this agreement the City of Newport Beach and the Irvine Ranch Conservancy have accomplished <br />significant improvements to this natural resource for the community to enjoy, while ensuring long term <br />preservation of the land and its wildlife that call it home. Buck Gully now has an improved trail system and <br />an active habitat restoration program, along with regularly programmed recreational and educational <br />programs. Staff- and volunteer -led hikes, invasive species removal and native replacements, and fuel <br />modification programs are helping sustain the ecological balance in the Gully as a result of this <br />partnership. <br />Amendments #1 and #2 of the management agreement increased the scope of work to include the Upper <br />Buck Gully Loop trail improvements, resource management, educational programming and the Water - <br />Wise Native Revegetation Demonstration project. <br />The Irvine Ranch Conservancy, a non - profit private operating foundation, has undergone a change of its <br />incorporation to the New Irvine Ranch Conservancy, a public non - profit. As such, this agenda item would <br />have the City reassign and transfer all land management responsibilities to the new corporation (see <br />Attachment A). While the Conservancy's non - profit corporate structure has evolved to better meet its <br />mission of assisting partners with managing open space and wildlands, that mission and the vision, <br />values, staff, operations and activities of the organization are the same as before. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: <br />This action is not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act ( "CEQA ") pursuant to Sections 15060 <br />(c)(2) (the activity will not result in a direct or reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the <br />environment) and 15060(c)(3) (the activity is not a project as defined in Section 15378) of the CEQA <br />Guidelines, California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Chapter 3, because it has no potential for resulting in <br />physical change to the environment, directly or indirectly. <br />NOTICING: <br />The agenda item has been noticed according to the Brown Act (72 hours in advance of the meeting at <br />which the City Council considers the item). <br />ATTACHMENTS: <br />Description <br />Attachment A - Irvine Ranch Agreement <br />9 -2 <br />