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slips and four slips that would be relocated to the public dock from the existing private Balboa Marina. In <br />the Balboa Marina, 24 private boat slips and a new gangway are proposed. On the land -side area of the <br />marina, the project includes the demolition of the existing Balboa Marina parking lot and a 1,200 -square - <br />foot building located at 201 East Coast Highway. A reconfigured parking lot and 19,400 -square -foot - <br />marine commercial building is proposed and is anticipated to house a yacht brokerage office, public <br />restrooms, and a restaurant. <br />Typically, environmental documents are reviewed and adopted at the same public hearing as the project <br />approvals. However, the water -side component of the Balboa Marina West project may be reviewed prior <br />to submission of an application for the land -side component of Balboa Marina West. If the MND is <br />approved, the Irvine Company anticipates that it will file an application for the land -side component, which <br />will include a site development review for the marine commercial building and reconfigured parking lot and <br />a conditional use permit for the restaurant. <br />Action related to the MND is based only on the merits that the environmental analysis adequately identifies <br />the potential impacts of the proposed project. Approval of the MND does not predetermine the City's <br />future consideration of discretionary permits. <br />Planning Commission Action <br />The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the MND on October 2, 2014. Much of the discussion <br />during the meeting focused on an analysis by the City's environmental consultant in response to <br />comments received during the MND's public review period and additional comments received shortly <br />before the meeting from an attorney representing the Linda Isle Homeowners Association. <br />During the Planning Commission meeting, three members of the public spoke on the item: an attorney <br />representing the Linda Isle Homeowners Association; a Bayside Drive resident who spoke on the need to <br />mitigate traffic and noise impacts; and a resident who commented on the MND process and the concerns <br />of the adjacent residents. <br />After consideration of the MND, public comments, the responses to comments received during the MND's <br />public review period, the staff report and other evidence including the testimony providing during the pubic <br />hearing, the Planning Commission determined that recirculation of the MND was not warranted and voted <br />unanimously to approve the MND. The minutes, resolution, staff report, and additional materials received <br />from the Planning Commission meeting are attached for reference (Attachment Nos. CC 3, CC 4, CC 5 <br />and CC 6, respectively). <br />The Anneal <br />On October 16, 2014, the Linda Isle Homeowners Association filed an appeal of the Planning <br />Commission's approval of the MND. The appeal requests that the City Council vacate the Planning <br />Commission decision to approve the MND and direct City staff to revise and re -circulate the MND to <br />incorporate "additional Project corrections, clarifications and mitigation measures", or, alternatively, <br />prepare an environmental impact report (EIR). (Attachment No. CC 7). <br />The City's environmental consultant has prepared a detailed analysis of issues raised in the appeal letter <br />(Attachment CC 8). The issues and responses are summarized as follows: <br />Issue 1 <br />The MND violates CEQA by failing to analyze and mitigate the potential environmental impacts of the <br />Project together with the approved Back Bay Landing project. <br />Response: Although the Back Bay Landing project was inadvertently omitted from a list of pending <br />projects, it was nevertheless considered a cumulative development project by the MND. There are no <br />portions of the Back Bay Landing project with a potential to result in cumulatively considerable effects <br />beyond what is already identified and disclosed in the MND. The City provided a corrected list of evaluated <br />21-2 <br />