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ITEM 14 <br />TO: Members of the Newport Beach City Council <br />FROM: Dave Kiff, Assistant City Manager <br />SUBJECT: Council Policy Manual Update for 2002 and Public Meeting to Consider <br />City's Statement of Investment Policy (Policy F -1) <br />RECOMMENDED Approve the proposed revisions or additions to the Council Policy Manual: <br />ACTION: — Revisions to A -2, D -1, E -1, F -1, F -2, F -3, F -8, F -11, Gl, I -1, I -5, I -25, K -7, <br />and L-21; and <br />— Additions of F -17, K -11, Lr18, and L-22 <br />BACKGROUND: This agenda item contains two parts: <br />• Part I - The annual review of the City Council's Council Policy Manual (with <br />recommended changes to or additions of 18 separate policies); and <br />• Part II - The annual affirmation of the City's Statement of Investment Policy <br />(Council Policy F -1) as required by California law. <br />Part I — Policy Manual Review. Council Policy D -3 directs the City Council to <br />review the more than 100 policies in the Council Policy Manual annually. These <br />policies exist to instruct the Council and City staff on how to process a variety of <br />different issues -- from airport and annexations to voice mail and water service <br />outside the City limits. <br />This year, the 18 policies proposed for change or for addition are summarized in <br />Attachment A. Many of the proposed changes are minor and are NOT all <br />summarized below. Noteworthy changes include the following: <br />Public Records Act Policy (E -1) <br />The City Attorney suggests changes to E -1 that reflect recent changes to State law <br />and the California Public Records Act. <br />Statement of Investment Policy (F -1) <br />The Administrative Services Director recommends specific changes to F -1 that <br />reflect his recommendations and that of the City's financial advisors. <br />Electronic Communications Policy (F -17) <br />This NEW policy written by the City Attorney's Office describes how the City <br />manages its electronic document system and describes that documents like e- <br />mail are: <br />Newport Beach City Council <br />