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ORDINANCE NO. 2014 -22 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA AMENDING <br />SECTION 12.44.040 OF THE NEWPORT BEACH <br />MUNICIPAL CODE PERTAINING TO ON- STREET <br />PARKING METER FEES IN BALBOA VILLAGE <br />(PA2014 -016) <br />WHEREAS, California Vehicle Code Section 22508 authorizes the City of <br />Newport Beach ( "City ") to establish parking meter fees by ordinance. <br />WHEREAS, the City's parking meter fees are established in Newport Beach <br />Municipal Code Section 12.44.040; <br />WHEREAS, the revenue generated from the parking meter fees funds a number <br />of important items within the City, including but not limited to, traffic control, parking <br />management, installation and maintenance of parking meters, recreational activities, <br />beautification projects, and related improvements; <br />WHEREAS, it has been a long- standing goal of the City to revitalize Balboa <br />Village and to expand its vibrant commercial village serving both visitors and residents; <br />WHEREAS, in 2012, the City evaluated the area to establish policies and <br />programs to spur economic activity and manage existing parking, which resulted in the <br />adoption of the Balboa Village Master Plan; <br />WHEREAS, the Balboa Village Master Plan established a comprehensive <br />parking strategy to better manage existing parking resources and proposed the <br />modification of both on- street and off - street parking rates to influence parking behavior <br />to promote more efficient use of existing parking facilities and provide incentives for <br />longer -term parking to occur in off- street lots; <br />WHEREAS, studies prepared by Nelson /Nygaard, a transportation consultant, <br />showed that the existing one -hour parking limits were insufficient for many trips to area <br />businesses and that the current parking meter fees were not providing sufficient <br />incentive to promote increased turnover of vehicles; <br />WHEREAS, the Balboa Village Advisory Committee ( "BVAC ") held monthly <br />public meetings between December 2013, and January 2014, that provided a forum for <br />public participation where implementation of the Balboa Village Master Plan and the <br />recommendations of Nelson /Nygaard, including changes to parking meter fee, were <br />discussed; <br />WHEREAS, on January 8, 2014, the BVAC voted to recommend City Council <br />adopt the parking rate structure contained in this ordinance; <br />