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ORDINANCE NO. 2014 -20 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH ADOPTING CODE AMENDMENT NO. CA 2014 -001 ADOPTING <br />THE BALBOA VILLAGE PARKING MANAGEMENT DISTRICT PLAN <br />AND ESTABLISHING THE BALBOA VILLAGE PARKING MANAGEMENT <br />OVERLAY DISTRICT (PA2014 -016) <br />WHEREAS, Balboa Village was once a more vibrant commercial village serving both <br />visitors and residents. Revitalization of the area has been a long- standing goal of the City. In <br />2012, the City evaluated the area with an eye to establish policies and programs to spur <br />economic activity and better manage parking. The Balboa Village Master Plan was adopted <br />by the City Council in September 2012, on the recommendation of the City Council ad -hoc <br />Neighborhood Revitalization Committee and its Citizens Advisory Panel. The Balboa Village <br />Master Plan established a comprehensive parking strategy to better manage existing parking <br />resources before resorting to the construction of new parking; <br />WHEREAS, transportation consultants Walker Parking Consultants (2009) and <br />Nelson \Nygaard Consulting Associates (2013) both found that Balboa Village has a large <br />supply of parking, the majority of which is located in off - street facilities owned and managed <br />by the City. Balboa Village's parking supply is underutilized for all but the busiest summer <br />weekends. Existing pricing and zoning regulations lead to inefficient utilization of parking and <br />creating an unnecessary regulatory constraint to redevelopment and reinvestment; <br />WHEREAS, the elimination of required parking for most uses within the district will <br />support modest changes in use by removing a regulatory constraint. These potential changes in <br />use will continue to be limited by the allowed uses and the maximum density /intensity of the <br />various individual zoning districts within the Balboa Village Parking Management Overlay <br />District; therefore, changes in use will remain consistent with the General Plan; <br />WHEREAS, requiring each commercial property within Balboa Village to provide off - <br />street parking is impractical given that most of the lots are small and currently developed without <br />the minimum parking required by the Zoning Code. These uses are supported by the large <br />supply of on- and off - street parking facilities provided by the City. Based upon the analysis <br />provided by Walker Parking Consultants (2009) and Nelson \Nygaard Consulting Associates <br />(2013), the existing supply of public and private parking is adequate to serve the needs of <br />Balboa Village with the exception of large -scale uses that would bring large numbers of new <br />visitors to the area; <br />WHEREAS, the proposed Parking Management District Plan supports shared use of <br />parking facilities that, when implemented, will lead to a more efficient use of parking; <br />WHEREAS, the Balboa Village Advisory Committee (BVAC) held monthly public <br />meetings between December 2013, and January 2014, that provided a forum for public <br />participation where the implementation of the various parking strategies identified by the Balboa <br />Village Master Plan were discussed and refined; <br />