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Ordinance No. 2014 -20 <br />Page 2 of 7 <br />WHEREAS, on September 18, 2014, after a noticed public hearing, the Planning <br />Commission received public comments and on an affirmative motion (4 ayes, 0 noes, 3 absent), <br />forwarded a recommendation to the City Council to adopt the Code Amendment No. 2014 -001; <br />and <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF NEWPORT BEACH DOES HEREBY <br />ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1: Section 20.28.030 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code is hereby <br />amended to add the following subsection to read as follows: <br />20.28.030 D. Parking Management Overlay Districts established. The parking management <br />districts identified in this section and depicted in the referenced maps exhibits adopted in Part 8 <br />of this title. <br />1. Balboa Village Parking Management Overlay District applies to all property located within <br />Balboa Village between the Pacific Ocean, A Street, Newport Bay, and Adams Street and <br />depicted in Parking Management Overlay Map PM -1. <br />a. Purpose. The purpose of the Balboa Village Parking Management Overlay District is to <br />identify existing and planned parking facilities and establish parking programs to <br />adequately serve the parking needs for Balboa Village. Additionally, the District <br />establishes modified parking requirements for properties that differ from the basic <br />requirements of Chapter 20.40 (Off - Street Parking). <br />b. Existing Parking Facilities. The City maintains six public parking lots within or near the <br />District: 1) A Street lot, 2) B Street lot, 3) Washington Street lot, 4) Palm Street lot, 5) <br />Balboa Metered lot, and 6) Balboa Pier lot. In addition, the City provides and maintains a <br />small number of on- street parking spaces along Balboa Boulevard, Palm Street, and Bay <br />Avenue. The City intends to maintain public parking facilities; however, should the need <br />arise, the City may modify, add, or remove parking spaces to ensure safe and efficient <br />operations and meet parking demand. <br />c. Planned Parking Facilities. Due to the high cost of land acquisition and construction and <br />the underutilization of existing parking, additional off - street parking facilities are not <br />necessary to meet the demand of existing uses. Parking demand shall be monitored and <br />evaluated by the City to determine whether additional District parking is necessary, <br />economical, appropriate, and desirable. The City may acquire or lease parking facilities <br />to make them available to the public. <br />d. Required Off - Street Parking <br />i. Non - residential uses: No off - street parking shall be required for any new non- <br />residential use or intensification of uses except the following uses as defined by <br />the Zoning Code: Assembly /Meeting Facilities, Commercial Recreation and <br />Entertainment, Cultural Institutions, all Marine Services Uses, Schools, and <br />Visitor Accommodations. Uses that require off - street parking shall provide said <br />spaces in accordance with Chapters 20.40 (Off- Street Parking) and 20.38 <br />(Nonconforming Uses and Structures). <br />