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Received After Agenda Printed <br />January 13, 2015 <br />Insider's Guide <br />Brown, Leilani <br />From: Kiff, Dave <br />Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 9:38 PM <br />Subject: Insider's Guide - Newport Beach City Council meeting of Tuesday, January 13, 2015 <br />A good early morning to you. <br />This is the first Insider's Guide of the 2015 year, and therefore we should probably get you up to speed from <br />2014. When we last left off, Lady Edith decided to have a neighbor family — over in Irvine — raise her child, so that she <br />could see the child grow upi at least until the father (lost in Germany) turned up. Lady Mary, getting well over the death <br />of Matthew, was entertaining two suitors. Bates and the rest of the servants downstairs .... <br />...wait, I am being told that Downton Abbey is not the subject of this Guide. Delete delete delete. Sorry. <br />OK, fine, back to the City Council. <br />Here is what's on the docket for the Council meeting of Tuesday, January 13`", 2015. There are some meaty issues. The <br />City Council meeting is held on the 2nd and 4 t Tuesdays of most months, with study session starting in the afternoon and <br />the regular session at its usual 7:00 p.m.. spot. The Council meets in the Council Chambers at 100 Civic Center <br />Drive. There is plenty of parking - you are always welcome to attend! But you can also watch on TV (Channels 3/31) or <br />on your computer. I do not summarize every item on the Agenda —to read the full agenda, click here: <br />http: / /newportbeachca.govZ modules /ShowDocument.aspx ?documentid =4414 <br />Study Session begins at 3:30. As a reminder, study sessions are for more in -depth discussions of policy issues, and <br />generally the Council provides some direction to us staff members but doesn't take a formal vote or action during the <br />sessions, saving those for night -time meetings. Public Comment is welcome at each session. At this week's Study <br />Session, these are the subjects: <br />• A Review of the Civic Center Project. Mayor pro Tern Dixon asked us to frame up a look back and "lessons learned" <br />of the big Civic Center project that started soon after Feb 2008 and was finished in about May of 2013. This roughly <br />$142.5 M project later included a park, a parking structure, a bridge, and an expansion to the Library in addition to <br />the City Hall. Many folks in the community have been and remain concerned about how the scope changed to the <br />larger project, and the ultimate cost. Staff will go over what happened and when, along with what we see as <br />important lessons learned from this project that can carry forward to other capital efforts. If the Council wishes, it <br />can ask staff on 1 -13 to dive deeper into aspects of the Project —for instance, an independent review of change <br />orders or other project costs. <br />• Preparation for an Audit /Review of Tidelands Activities. Later on the night's agenda is direction to staff to issue a <br />request for proposals (RFP) for an audit /review of the City's Tide and Submerged Land Fund, a fund within the City's <br />budget that accepts and spends revenue related to Tidelands —these include much of the Newport Harbor's waters, <br />some land, the ocean beaches, some of the ocean itself, and more. The Balboa Bay Resort is on tidelands, as are <br />about half the homes in Beacon Bay. Folks in the community have asked how we account for the Tidelands Fund — <br />as well as which revenues go in it and which costs come out of it. We'll spend some time with the Council framing <br />up the scope of the RFP in the afternoon session. <br />Evening Session starts at 7:00 p.m. The following items of note are on the evening session: <br />• It's second reading of some items for the Balboa Village area that were approved by the Council in November <br />2014. This does not include the residential parking program, for those following that issue. The "RP3" will go <br />through some more public outreach before coming back again. This item relates more to the commercial area's <br />parking management and the distribution of those parking funds for specific improvements in the Village. <br />