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• Mayor Selich's appointments of Council members to various boards and committees occurs at this meeting, and it <br />involves a lot of changes given four new Council members. <br />• We will ask the Council to award a contract to reconstruct portions of Ocean Boulevard and Marguerite in <br />CdM. This is a big $1M + contract, as these are concrete streets —and while they are expensive to replace, they last a <br />really long time versus asphalt. The bids were pretty good here — well below the engineering estimates for the job. <br />• The aforementioned issuance of an RFP for the Tidelands Review /Audit. <br />• Changes to the structure of the Finance Committee. This Committee has been a three - member committee of City <br />Council members, who meet in public once a quarter or so, sometimes more frequently. Mayor Selich and Council <br />member Peotter have worked on Mr. Peotter's request that the Council consider adding citizen members to the <br />Committee, and to move the Committee's meetings to evenings when more people might be able to attend. The <br />Council will consider a few options here for the restructured Committee. If citizen members are added, folks with an <br />interest in city finances and the budget will want to get their applications in. <br />• A change to the Council's Policy on Invocations. This change, if approved, would update the Council's 2004 -era <br />policy on invocations before meetings. The field of law has changed a bit in 2013, and the law generally now allows <br />speakers to specifically mention a deity (where arguably it died not before). <br />• Fire rings. In what could be a major discussion item of the evening, Council Member Peotter has asked that the City <br />reconsider our "charcoal -only' approach to beach bonfires. Since about March 241h -ish of 2014, in part to comply <br />with a new air quality rule, the only fuel that could be burned in a beach fire ring was /is charcoal unless the rings <br />were 100' apart from each other (I am generalizing here). This was controversial, as you can imagine. <br />There is a way to align the rings so that wood can be burned again, but it means spreading out the rings. If you <br />spread out the rings by at least 100' to make wood- burning OK, you impact more of the beach sand. Mr. Peotter has <br />worked with staff to try and develop a plan that would comply with the AQMD rule and not expand the fire ring <br />zones too much. It does consider placing 9 rings near the Newport Pier, and 7 at the Newport Dunes. Under this <br />specific plan, 18 would remain at Big Corona (down from 27) and 26 near the Balboa Pier (down from 33). <br />Another part of the action on Tuesday could be a short-term plan that would use the current fire ring configuration <br />(with one exception) to allow 15 of the existing rings to be used to burn wood, the rest charcoal. This is short -term, <br />because it should not require a Coastal Development Permit— but the 60 -ring plan does. <br />I'd just offer a commentary here. There is no perfect plan or perfect alignment of fire rings. If the community (and <br />the Coastal Commission) desire wood - burning rings, the AQMD spacing rule is now the law of the land. There isn't a <br />way to keep 60 rings in the city limits without increasing the footprint of the current zones or adding new, smaller <br />zones in other areas. At the same time, the AQMD has deemed that a separation of 100' from wood ring to wood <br />ring has fewer health impacts than the current footprints when those rings are within 700' of homes. And all of the <br />current 60 rings are within 700' of homes here. Your own thoughts as to how to navigate these challenging laws are <br />welcome — how would you align the rings when odds are you can't take them out, and some or all must be wood? <br />I would encourage you to read the staff report and look at the attachments /exhibits for this one. If the Council <br />chooses to act on Tuesday night (it could do so), there is another series of public discussions ahead, including at the <br />Coastal Commission (a meeting that likely will be nearby in March 2015 or June 2015). <br />Here is a link to the Fire Rings staff report and attachments: <br />http: / /novusagendapubIic. newportbeachca .gov /CoverSheet.aspx ?Item ID= 4676 &Meeti ngl D =667 <br />If you would like to correspond with the Council on any of these issues (or any other), please use <br />CityCouncil to do so, as that gets to all seven of the Council members. <br />A calendar note for you: If you want to participate in the Council's goal - setting exercise this year, it is scheduled for <br />Saturday morning, January 31`t from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., here at the Civic Center's community room. Please join us <br />—there are goodies and coffee /tea to partake in to help keep you motivated. <br />