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Received After Agenda Printed <br />January 13, 2015 <br />Written Comments <br />January 13, 2015, Council Consent Calendar Comments <br />The following comments on items on the Newport Beach City Council agenda are submitted by: <br />Jim Mosher (i immosher(o) ), 2210 Private Road, Newport Beach 92660 (949-548-6229) <br />Item 1. Minutes for the November 12, 2014 Study Session and Regular <br />Meeting <br />The page numbers below refer to Volume 62 of the City's minutes. The passages in italics are from the <br />draft, with suggested changes shown in RtFike^••'^^ t underline format. <br />1. Page 111, Item SS2, paragraph 2: "Council Member Gardner noted that one of the <br />challenges iwveixe involves people's attitude towards homelessness." <br />2. Page 111, Item SS2, paragraph 3: "Council Member Petros reported that he was the City's <br />representative to the Housing and Community Development Committee." [Is this correctly <br />reported? The closest thing I can find on the Clerk's Roster of Boards, Commissions and <br />Committees is the "Orange County Housing Commission" to which the City's representative is a staff <br />person. See also comment on agenda Item 9, below.] <br />3. Page 111, last sentence: "Rick Stein, Executive Director of Arts Orange County, provided <br />a PowerPoint presentation to discuss the process, the desire to incorporate the Arts Plan <br />into the City's General Plan, ..." [The video indicates Rick Stein provided only about 10 minutes of <br />the Arts OC PowerPoint, while Pat Wayne provided the remaining 22 minutes of what they said would <br />be a "15 minute presentation." I would suggest moving the identification of their titles (Executive <br />Director and Deputy Director of Arts OC) to the preceding line and then saying something like: "Mr. <br />Stein and Ms. Wayne provided a PowerPoint presentation... " ] <br />4. Page 113, paragraph 5: "Council Member Curry reported that, in 2010, he was privileged to <br />participate in the Mayor's Institute of the Arts sponsored by the National Endowment of <br />Americans for the Arts." [I suspect this was intended as a reference to "the Mayor's Institute of <br />the on City Design sponsored by the National Endowment ofAMerisans for the Arts." See the <br />minutes from March 23. 2010 (Volume 59, page 427)] <br />5. Page 113, paragraph 3 from end: "Sara Sarah Wilkinson, local artist, commented on ..." <br />6. Page 114, last paragraph before "III. PUBLIC COMMENTS: "PatBril, President of the <br />Board of Directors of the Baroque Music Festival, commented on ..." <br />Page 120, Item XVIII, paragraph 1, last sentence: "He added that a report on wastewater <br />rates will be presented to the City Council in January." <br />Page 124, last paragraph: "Planning Manager Alford addressed CEQA versus project <br />review, General Plan, LCP and Zoning consistency, key sifi* site development review, <br />Condition Conditional Use Permit findings, and details of the appeal." <br />Page 126, paragraph 5, sentence 2: "She added that the consequences of Mariner's POW <br />Pointe have not yet been felt and that Linda Isle residents..." <br />10. Page 129, motion: "Motion by Council Member Gardner, seconded by Council Member <br />Henn, to approve AdminSure, Inc. as fge for Workers' Compensation Third Party Claims <br />Administration with an annual expenditure of $260,784, effective January 1, 2015." [note: <br />