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City of Newport Beach <br />Study Session and Regular Meeting <br />November 25, 2014 <br />functions, and hoped that the new Council will set goals for funding and set a structure for <br />driving the process. <br />In response to Mayor Pro Tem Selich's question, Mr. Stein reported that he is not aware of such <br />a structure in other cities, but that other cities, have addressed special projects through the <br />assignment of a task force of Council Members. <br />Mayor Hill commented on Council's participation in working groups, as liaisons, who report back <br />to the full Council. <br />Council Member Henn noted that the Balboa Village Advisory Committee (BVAC) has excellent <br />staff support, drove a planning process with specific recommendations, and that having Council <br />participation helped move it forward into fruition. <br />In terms of the City Arts Commission, Council Member Henn noted that the scope is much larger <br />than what they have been regularly involved in, pointing out that this is larger than what has <br />been attempted in the past and believed that the City needs a different structure and greater <br />funding sources. <br />Council Member Curry reported that, in 2010, he was privileged to participate in the Mayor's <br />Institute of the Arts sponsored by the National Endowment of Americans for the Arts. He noted <br />that public officials play an important role in setting policies, providing funding, and creating an <br />environment by which arts can flourish, but less effective in terms of the selection and <br />implementation of the arts. He believed that the processes for the selection and implementation <br />are better if politics are taken out of them and community members have the opportunity to be <br />in charge. <br />Molly Pontin, Director of Education and Community Programming for Pacific Chorale, <br />commented positively on the plan and the inclusion of a City Department and staff for the arts. <br />She added that this will make it easier for Pacific Chorale to partner with the City. She thanked <br />Council for its support of the arts. <br />Michaell Magrutsche, former City Arts Commissioner, commented on the digital age and on <br />engaging /exposing as many people as possible For the least amount of money. <br />Joy Brenner noted the need for increased community participation and for art to reflect what the <br />community cares about. She thanked Council and the City Arts Commission for its work. <br />Sara Wilkinson, local artist, commented on the community process and expressed <br />disappointment in how the community was considered in meetings and the online survey. She <br />believed that the ideas developed from those meetings were not documented and expressed <br />concern with the City Arts Commission approval process. She thanked Council for the public <br />consultation process that was part of the Bicycle Master Plan. <br />Arlene Greer, City Arts Commissioner, thanked Council for its support and for providing the <br />community with this opportunity. She commented on arts as part of a well- rounded education <br />and commented positively on Council's suggestion regarding the pursuit of the OCMA property, <br />noting the need for display space. She also commented on the need for a large, indoor arts event <br />space and believed that the Arts Master Plan is a good beginning for the City. <br />In response to Council Member Petros' question, City Manager Kiff reported that the intent is to <br />bring this item back to Council in January or February for formal action. <br />Volume 62 - Page 113 <br />