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RECORDING REQUESTED AND Recorded in Official Records, Orange County <br />WHEN RECORDED RETURN TOt n^i yen, Clerk-Recorderll <br />NO FEE <br />Office of the City Clerk*$ R 0 0 0 7 0 1 8 s 3 9$ <br />City of Newport Beach p 01400040939310:12 am 10/08/14 <br />100 Civic Center Drive (js M10 7 <br />PO Box 1768 00 0.00 0.00 18.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 <br />Newport Beach, CA 92658 <br />[Exempt from Recordation Fee - Govt. Code §§ 6103 & 27383] <br />i <br />MEMORANDUM OF LEASE AGREEMENT"i <br />This Memorandum of Lease Agreement ("Memorandum") is dated `,- ),E]Pr. 2V <br />2014, and is made between City of Newport Beach, a California municipal corporation <br />and charter city ("City") and Pacifica Christian High School - Orange County, a <br />California non-profit corporation ("Tenant"), concerning the Property described in Exhibit <br />"A," attached hereto and by this reference made a part hereof. <br />For good and adequate consideration, City leases the Property to Tenant, and Tenant <br />leases the Property from City, for the term and on the provisions contained in the <br />Agreement dated ��P, T. 21G, 2014, including without limitation provisions <br />prohibiting assignment, subleasing, and encumbering said leasehold without the <br />express written consent of City in each instance, as well as provisions for an option to <br />extend the Agreement for up to two (2) successive five (5) year terms and a first right of <br />refusal to purchase the Property subject to City's compliance with applicable surplus <br />property statutes, all as more specifically set forth in said Agreement, which said <br />Agreement is incorporated in this Memorandum by this reference. <br />The Agreement's term is ten (10) years, beginning and ending <br />C1 ZCL • -2.2'1 , unless extended by the parties. <br />This Memorandum is not a complete summary of the Agreement. Provisions in this <br />Memorandum shall not be used in interpreting the Agreement's provisions. in the event <br />of conflict between this Memorandum and other parts of the Agreement, the other parts <br />shall control. Execution hereof constitutes execution of the Agreement itself. <br />[Signatures on the next page] <br />