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Council Policy Manual Changes 2006 Attachment A <br />City of Newport Beach <br />October 10, 2006 <br />Policy # <br />Name <br />wgm��M �Iu :P� <br />. ...... <br />Electio <br />Election of the Mayor and M T <br />Adopted- <br />11/20/8 <br />1 4 <br />Last A m-ended or <br />I <br />Corrected <br />2/24/97 <br />What it says currently... <br />T <br />-7 <br />147 71-77 <br />Proposed Change... <br />;177 IPF <br />32 <br />11 <br />pi <br />A- <br />A- <br />2 <br />Board and Commission Appointments.. <br />6/28/65 <br />1-0/28/68 <br />4T22F/02 <br />3/14/00 <br />2/26/96 <br />A- <br />3 <br />-4— <br />Reserved for Future Use <br />T-- <br />comm��Recognition <br />—Awa rd S---- <br />A- <br />5 <br />Fundraising/Contracts by City Boards, <br />Commissions, or Committees <br />N/A <br />6 — <br />Open Meeting Policies <br />71/13/67 - <br />3/28/04 <br />A- <br />7 <br />Boards, Commissions and Committees -- <br />Expressions of Official City Position or Policy <br />1/8/79 <br />2/26/96 <br />A-18_ <br />Use of City Stationery <br />1/22/79 <br />2/26/96 <br />A-19 <br />I City Council Committees <br />5/8/73 <br />5126198 <br />A- <br />A- <br />10 <br />11 <br />l Procedural Rules for the Conduct of City <br />,Council Meetings___ <br />;Recording <br />Recording City Council Meetings/Study <br />8/21/72 <br />11/13/67 <br />7/8185 <br />—5/28-/9-E-3---N/A <br />8/28/01 <br />—'--i/-27i§ <br />5/2216 i <br />.—N/A <br />T-- <br />A- 12 <br />A -.13 <br />i <br />A-' 14 <br />-4-75 <br />1 Financial Support for Human Services <br />Decorum and Order for City Commissions, <br />Committees, and Boards <br />Restrictions on Communications Initiated —by-1/27197 <br />City Officials or City Staff with Civil Service <br />Board Members <br />U-ParteCommuniGation Policy ----1v/-10/97 <br />Ex--s----- <br />A-j17 <br />A-118 <br />E <br />Conflict Interest <br />1 6/22/98 <br />N/A <br />Aviation <br />Measure S Guidelines <br />-Guidelines <br />2/14/72 <br />31-2710-1 <br />7/25/06 <br />7/13/04 <br />A-_ 19 <br />for Invocations J_1127/04 <br />I N/A <br />Park Fee Policy <br />— <br />a) the change removes a sentence that says <br />25% of the cost incurred would be set aside for <br />administrative purposes. This is no longer <br />applicable because the cost is now included in <br />the fees. <br />McGuire <br />B- <br />1 <br />nfll>.:illm <br />6/27/94 <br />-1 <br />9/9/05 <br />B- <br />.-.B.-. <br />2 <br />Insin uctional Recreation Activities 10/1/63 <br />Co- Sponsored Events 7/22/91 <br />1 9/13/65— <br />—411 13704 <br />N/A <br />Establishes cost -re-c'overy --pol-ic-le—s <br />with <br />respect to recreational classes taught by <br />contract instructors as well as any <br />restricted uses for registration fees <br />collected from these classes <br />3 <br />B- <br />4 <br />Commercial Uses in Public Parks 5/12� <br />14� <br />Page 1 <br />