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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br /> PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT <br /> May 21, 2015 Meeting <br /> Agenda Item 5 <br /> SUBJECT: General Plan Land Use Element Correction - Newport Coast <br /> (PA2006-159) <br /> PLANNER: Gregg Ramirez, Senior Planner <br /> 949-644-3219, <br /> PROJECT SUMMARY <br /> During the 2014 Land Use Element Amendment project, staff identified an error in Land <br /> Use Element Table LU2 - Anomaly Locations. The 2006 General Plan update failed to <br /> accurately account for all the allowed development capacity in Anomaly No. 60. <br /> Anomaly No. 60 is located in Newport Coast and identifies the allowed number of hotel <br /> rooms and related floor area development capacity. This recommended correction will <br /> resolve the error of fact and will make the general plan development capacity consistent <br /> with the Newport Coast Local Coastal Program and the terms of the Newport Coast <br /> Annexation and Development Agreement. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1 ) Conduct a public hearing; and <br /> 2) Adopt Resolution No. — affirming that the proposed correction to the Land Use <br /> Element related to Anomaly No. 60 located in Newport Coast is accurate and <br /> consistent with Section 8 of City Council Resolution No. 2006-76, adopting the City <br /> of Newport Beach 2006 General Plan. <br /> INTRODUCTION <br /> The 2006 General Plan update was a comprehensive re-write of the entire General <br /> Plan. The multi-year effort culminated with voter approval of Measure V approving the <br /> update and the land use density and intensity changes in the Land Use Element. The <br /> update included land use map changes and new goals and policies, many of which are <br /> specific to several identified sub-areas including: Corona del Mar, Mariners' Mile, West <br /> Newport Mesa, Balboa Peninsula, Balboa Village, the Airport Area, and Fashion <br /> Island/Newport Center. Two sub-areas that did not include changes to development <br /> capacity were in the newly annexed Newport Coast and Newport Ridge communities. <br /> Realizing the breadth of the 2006 comprehensive General Plan update, the adopting <br /> City Council Resolution No. 2006-76 (PC Attachment No. 2) included the following <br /> 1 <br />