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Land Use Element Correction — Newport Coast <br /> Planning Commission, May 21, 2015 <br /> Page 2 <br /> section which allows staff, with affirmation by the Planning Commission, to make <br /> corrections to the General Plan. <br /> Section 8. Authority to Incorporate Corrections. The City Council HEREBY <br /> DIRECTS that, given the size and complexity of the document, the General Plan text, <br /> exhibits, figures and plan map may be corrected without further amendment. This <br /> provision applies only to errors of fact, language consistency between elements and <br /> policies, calculations and/or scribe's errors. All revisions made pursuant to this section <br /> shall be reported to Planning Commission for affirmation. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> During the recent 2014 General Plan Land Use Element Amendment project, Planning <br /> Division staff identified an error related to development capacity of Anomaly No. 60. <br /> This Anomaly location has the land use designation of Visitor Serving Commercial and <br /> includes the resort at Pelican Hill and the Marriot Newport Coast Villas in Newport <br /> Coast. Anomaly 60 indicates a development limit of 2,660,000 square feet when it <br /> should indicate a limit of 2,960,000 square feet, an increase of 300,000 square feet. The <br /> 2,150 hotel rooms indicated as included in the square footage limit is accurate. <br /> The tables below show the existing development limit and corrected limit in Table LU2 - <br /> Anomaly Locations format. <br /> Existing Anomaly No. 60 <br /> AnomalyTable LIJ2 <br /> Anomaly Statistical Land Locations Use I Development <br /> Number I Area I Designation I Limit(so Development Limit(Other Additional Information <br /> 2,150 Hotel Rooms (included in <br /> 60 N CV 2,660,000 total square footage) <br /> Revised Anomaly No. 60 <br /> AnomalyTable LL12 <br /> Anomaly Statistical Land Locations Use Development <br /> Number I Area Designation Limit(so Development Limit Other Additional Information <br /> 60 N CV 2,660,000 2,150 Hotel Rooms (included in <br /> 2,960,000 total square footage) <br /> The Newport Coast Local Coastal Program and Error of Fact <br /> The Newport Coast Local Coastal program (LCP) serves as the zoning document for <br /> Newport Coast. The LCP includes planning areas that provide land use designations, <br /> development capacity and development standards. Planning Area 13, which is identified <br /> as Anomaly 60 on the Land Use Element Figure LU 15, allows for the development of a <br /> specified number of hotel rooms and associated square footage. The LCP further <br /> indicates the allowed square footage that may be used for hotel, ballrooms, conference <br /> centers, golf clubhouses, and other related retail and commercial uses. <br /> 2 <br />