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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />CITY COUNCIL STAFF REPORT <br />Agenda Item No. 12 <br />May 12, 2009 <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: City Managers Office <br />Homer Bludau, City Manager <br />949/644 -3000 or hbludau @city.newport- <br />SUBJECT: Approval to Establish a City Council Ad Hoc Committee to Make <br />Recommendations Regarding the Duties, the Salary and the Process for <br />Filling the City Manager Position <br />ISSUE: <br />Should the City Council create a City Manager Ad Hoc Recruitment Committee in order to <br />assist the City Council in conducting a successful City Manager recruitment, and if so, are <br />the proposed Committee duties reflective of the Council's thinking on the Committee's role? <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Create the City Manager Ad Hoc Recruitment Committee to serve for a limited time from <br />appointment to approximately October 1, 2009 or when its role is completed, whichever first <br />occurs, comprised of Mayor Selich, Councilman Curry and Councilman Henn to: (1) ensure <br />the City Manager job description is updated and accurately reflects Council's desires for the <br />position, presenting any recommended changes to the Council in open session for <br />consideration and adoption; (2) interface with the recruitment firm regarding advertising the <br />position; (3) make recommendations on the recruitment process to the full City Council; and <br />(4) make recommendations on a final employment contract, once the successful candidate <br />has been chosen. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />City Manager Homer Bludau has announced his plans to retire in early September of this <br />year, after serving as the Newport Beach City Manager for ten years. He has agreed to stay <br />on the job until the recruitment is successful and a replacement reports to work. <br />As in the case of the two other positions recently filled which report directly to the City <br />Council — the City Attorney and the City Clerk — an open recruitment process is envisioned. <br />In order to facilitate such recruitment processes, on both occasions the City Council <br />appointed a 3- person Ad Hoc Recruitment Committee to ensure the job description is <br />updated and accurately reflects Council's desires for the position, to interface with the <br />