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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />City Council Minutes <br />Special Meeting <br />June 16, 2015 <br />I. ROLL CALL - 5:00 p.m. <br />Present: Council Member Peotter, Council Member Petros, Council Member Curry, Council <br />Member Duffield, Council Member Muldoon, Mayor Pro Tem Dixon, Mayor Selich <br />Flag Salute - Council Member Muldoon <br />II. CURRENT BUSINESS <br />1. Mooring Permits, Rent and Other Provisions: Harbor Commission Recommendations <br />Harbor Resources Supervisor Levin presented a PowerPoint presentation which included a <br />brief history of mooring rates, changes adopted in 2010, mooring permit rent requirements, <br />options for consideration, and transferability. <br />Harbor Commission Chairman Avery addressed the Commission's review process and <br />addressed public meetings, historical practices in terms of transferability and allowing people <br />to build equity, loss of equity, lack of alternative methods regarding rent and transferability, <br />difficulties in terius of comparisons with other harbors, the focus of the Harbor Commission's <br />efforts, and Harbor Commission recommendations. Additionally, he provided information <br />regarding fiscal impacts and revenue adjustments. Recommendations were also presented in <br />terms of mooring transfers, transfer fees, single name /permittee per mooring, centralized <br />posting, the transfer fee between family or a trust, maximum mooring permits allowed, short - <br />and long -term mooring sub - rentals, rental fee for short -term and long -term sub - rentals, billing <br />frequency, eliminating the wait list, mooring revocation, and proof of insurance. He discussed <br />the next steps and thanked staff for their help. <br />Council Member Curry thanked Chairman Avery and the Commission for their work, noting <br />that the Commission was short - handed since several Commissioners have moorings and <br />recused themselves from considering the item. He reported that the proposed changes reduce <br />Tidelands revenues by approximately $1 million and asked for Commissioner Avery's opinion <br />regarding which projects the City could obtain savings. <br />Council Member Muldoon stated that is a topic for staff to address, not Chairman Avery. <br />Council Member Curry indicated that, since the Harbor Commission oversees the Harbor, he <br />would like the Commission's opinion in terms of what projects should be cut if Council <br />recommends the proposed changes. Chairman Avery stated that the City's needs for <br />infrastructure improvements should not be related to what is a fair price and delivering <br />fairness to mooring permitees. He added that rents are higher in Newport Beach than <br />anywhere else. <br />Council Member Muldoon expressed appreciation to the Harbor Commission for their time and <br />effort in addressing this matter. Chairman Avery assured that no Commissioner who reviewed <br />this issue was a mooring holder at the time it was acted upon. <br />Volume 62 - Page 352 <br />