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- <br />GUIDELINES FOR IMPLEMENTING CHARTER SECTION 423 <br />Introduction <br />On November 7, 2000, the Newport Beach electorate approved Measure S (Exhibit A). <br />Measure S amended the Newport Beach City Charter by adding Section 423. In general <br />terms, Section 423 requires voter approval of certain amendments of the Newport Beach <br />General Plan (General Plan). Measure S "encourages' the City Council to adopt <br />implementing guidelines that are consistent with its purpose and intent. The City Council <br />has, consistent with Measure S, conducted a series of public meetings to receive input <br />from the public on Measure S and these Guidelines. The City Council has determined, <br />based on staff analysis and public input, that these Guidelines are consistent with the <br />express purpose of Measure S. <br />On November 6, 2006, the Newport Beach electorate approved Measure V, a <br />comprehensive update and amendment of the General Plan Land Use Element. The Land <br />Use Element approved by Measure V presents land use entitlement information in new <br />tables and maps, and regulates non-residential entitlement by floor area ratio (FAR) <br />differently than the Land Use Element that was in effect when Measure S was approved. <br />The City Council has determined, based on staff analysis and public input, that these <br />Guidelines, as amended for consistency with the 2006 Land Use Element, are consistent <br />with the purpose of Measure S. <br />Definitions <br />The definitions and terms in this section are intended to be consistent with the purpose <br />and intent of Measure S. Certain definitions and terms are intended to generally conform <br />to the definitions in, and terminology of, the most current edition of "Trip Generation," a <br />multi -volume publication of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE Manual). The <br />ITE Manual is the primary reference used by transportation professionals seeking trip <br />generation information. Measure S requires use of the ITE Manual as a basis for <br />calculating the Peak Hour Trips generated by a use permitted by an Amendment. <br />A. Allowed and Proposed Use. The term "allowed use" means any land use(s) <br />permitted by the General Plan on property or in an area. An allowed use may be <br />defined in terms of a residential use and/or a non-residential use generally <br />applicable to an area or property or a particular land use applicable to specific <br />parcel. A "proposed use" is a land use that would be permitted after an <br />Amendment is approved. <br />B. Amendment. The word "Amendment" means any proposed amendment of the <br />General Plan that is first considered and/or approved by the City Council <br />subsequent to December 15, 2000 and that increases the number of peak hour trips, <br />1 <br />