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A-4 <br />COMMUNITY SERVICE RECOGNITION AWARDS <br /> <br />The Mayor is authorized to select the mode and style of recognition awards, and to <br />allow for suitable preparations, and shall be responsible for assessing the merits of <br />various civic contributions and approving appropriate language for recognition <br />resolutions. <br /> <br />Consistent with the procedure, the following conduct or service shall be a basis for <br />Council recognition and shall be honored with an official resolution describing the <br />service of the person or organization: <br /> <br />A. Noteworthy financial or service contributions to the civic affairs of the <br />community by private citizens or organizations; <br /> <br />B. Outstanding bravery or meritorious service in a time of crisis; <br /> <br />C. Retirement or the end of employment for appointed municipal officials and staff <br />executives; <br /> <br />D. Special contributions by employees or Board and Commission members for <br />effective or extraordinary service during employment or term of appointment. <br /> <br />Elected officials who have concluded a term of office will be honored as follows: <br /> <br />A. The Mayor, upon conclusion of term of office, will receive a mounted gavel <br />plaque. <br /> <br />B. A City Council Member, upon conclusion of term of office shall receive an <br />appreciation plaque. <br /> <br />BOARD AND COMMISSION MEMBERS <br /> <br />Board and Commission Members, upon conclusion of their term of office, shall receive a <br />Certificate of Appreciation appropriately framed from the City Council for their service. <br /> <br />SERVICE OF EMPLOYEES, BOARD AND COMMISSION MEMBERS <br /> <br />A. Employees, Board and Commission Members and Council Members, shall <br />receive service pins for each five-year increment of service with the City. <br /> <br />1