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OPEN MEETING POLICIES <br />PURPOSE <br />W. <br />The Newport Beach City Council and certain Boards, Commissions and Committees are <br />required to comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act (Brown Act). The Brown Act requires <br />public entities to deliberate, and take action, in open session. The City Council has <br />adopted these rules to ensure compliance with the Brown Act and to promote full <br />citizen participation in the discussions and decisions of their elected and appointed <br />representatives. <br />POLICY <br />A. Regular Meetings. The City Council shall hold regular meetings on the second <br />and fourth Tuesdays of each month except in December when the only meeting <br />will be held on the second Tuesday. The meetings shall be held in the Council <br />Chambers of the City Hall, 3300 Newport Boulevard in the City of Newport <br />Beach. The regular meeting shall begin at 4:00 p.m. for Study Session, Closed <br />Session to follow immediately thereafter, recess after the report of Closed Session <br />items, and reconvene at 7:00 p.m. The City Council may hold a regular meeting, <br />special meeting, or adjourned regular or special meeting at another location <br />within the City, or locations outside the jurisdiction of the City provided <br />appropriate notice is given pursuant to, and the location of the meeting is <br />consistent with, the Brown Act. When the day for any regular meeting falls on a <br />legal holiday, no meeting shall be held on such holiday, but a regular meeting <br />shall be held at the same hours on the following business day. <br />B. All regular, special and adjourned meetings of the City Council, Boards, <br />Commissions, and Committees, created by the Charter or formal action of the <br />City Council and which have continuing subject matter jurisdiction shall be <br />called, noticed and conducted in compliance with the Brown Act. <br />C. Regular City Council Meeting Agenda. <br />1. Staff shall provide the City Clerk with the title and recommendation of all <br />items to be placed on a regular Council meeting agenda no later than 5:00 <br />p.m. on two Fridays before the next regular City Council meeting. The <br />City Clerk shall prepare this regular meeting agenda of all such matters <br />1 <br />J/sJo