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U <br />PUBLIC USE OF CITY FACILITIES <br />PURPOSE <br />B -13 <br />City of Newport Beach (City) facilities, which include parks, playing fields, <br />gymnasiums, community rooms and swimming pools, are available to the public for <br />civic, social, educational, athletic and cultural activities. It is the intent of this Policy to <br />provide use regulations and application and scheduling procedures to accommodate all <br />groups that wish to use City facilities. <br />PROCEDURE <br />A. Applications to use the City facilities must be made on forms provided by the <br />Recreation & Senior Services Department (Department). Applicants must <br />provide all information as may be required by the Department to assure <br />compliance with the requirements and regulations of this Policy. <br />B. Applicants will be required to pay a security cleaning. deposit in an amount that <br />will promote use of the Recreation & Senior Services facilities in an orderly <br />manner without damage to the facilities. Security cleaning deposits will be <br />refunded upon inspection of facilities and confirmation that no property damage <br />has occurred or clean up is required. <br />C. Applicants will be required to acknowledge that neither the City nor the <br />Department assumes any liability for injury or loss of personal property. Prior to <br />the use of the facility, the application must have approval of the Recreation & <br />Senior Services Director or designated representative. <br />D. Approval or denial of an application will be provided within five working days <br />of receipt of a completed application. <br />E. Reservations for use of Department facilities may be made up to six months in <br />advance, but no later than five working days before the event. Any organization <br />using City facilities on an ongoing basis shall notify the Department when there <br />is a change of officers or of organizational policy. <br />F. The City is not liable for any and all accidental injury to any and all persons or <br />loss or damage to group or individual property. When it is deemed to be in the <br />best interest of the general public, the City will require the permittee to furnish a <br />Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Newport Beach as an additional <br />1