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B-3 <br />CO-SPONSORED EVENTS <br />The Recreation & Senior Services Department may accept co-sponsorship of events <br />when one of the following criteria is met: <br />A.The City solicits the co-sponsor. <br />The co-sponsor solicits the City by completing an application for review by the <br />Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission. Applicants shall be required to <br />satisfy the Department’s self-supporting nature by sharing profits. <br />Co Co-sponsored events or programs that are not self-supporting shall be subject to <br />being approved by the annual budget process that would appropriate funds for <br />the activity. <br />Adopted - July 22,1991 <br />Amended - January 24,1994 <br />Reassigned - April 8, 2003 <br />Amended - April 13, 2004 <br />Formerly 1-14 <br />Formerly I-3 <br />1