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K 5,0,0; <br />B -5 <br />OASIS SENIOR CENTER OPERATION AND RELATIONSHIPS <br />In today's era of limited resources, support groups have formed to render essential <br />assistance, both in time and money, to worthwhile public programs and facilities. In <br />the contest of a philosophy which encourages people to help themselves in their leisure <br />pursuits, the Recreation & Senior Services Department is committed to a cooperative <br />effort to provide senior programs and services at the OASIS Senior Center. The <br />Department welcomes volunteer support and intends by this policy to identify the <br />relationship, roles and control between the City of Newport Beach and Friends of <br />OASIS. <br />FACILITY USE AND SCHEDULING <br />A. The City, through the Recreation & Senior Services Department, is responsible <br />for determining priorities of use and overall scheduling of the OASIS Senior <br />Center. <br />B. Senior- citizen activities shall have priority of use, in accordance with Council <br />Policy B -13, Public Use of City Facilities. <br />C. The senior - citizen programs at the OASIS Senior Center are cooperative efforts of <br />the Recreation & Senior Services Department and the Friends of OASIS; as <br />Department programs -- and in consideration of the significant volunteer <br />contribution by the Friends of OASIS -- facility use fees are not appropriate. <br />D. Planning and coordination of activities at the OASIS Senior Center will be done <br />by the Senior Services staff, with input from the Friends of OASIS Board. <br />E. The Department maintains a master calendar for the OASIS Senior Center; use by <br />other Department programs and outside groups will be handled by Department <br />staff as specified by Council Policy B -13, Public Use of City Facilities. <br />PROGRAMMING AND ADMINISTRATION <br />A. The Senior Services Manager is responsible for day -to -day operation of the <br />OASIS Senior Center. <br />B. Within the context of cooperation, programming decisions will be made jointly <br />by the Senior Services Manager and the Friends of OASIS President. <br />0 1