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u 7 <br />C. The Senior Services Manager and Friends of OASIS President shall be ex- officio <br />members of each Friends of OASIS Committee. <br />D. The Senior Services Manager will be an ex- officio member of the Friends of <br />OASIS Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. <br />E. Any improvement or physical change of the OASIS Senior Center must have <br />advance approval by the Recreation & Senior Services Director. <br />FINANCIAL <br />A. The City is responsible for financing the OASIS Senior Center operation only to <br />the extent of the annual City Council approved budget. <br />B. Equipment, services and financial contributions provided by the Friends of <br />OASIS are welcome and are in keeping with the cooperative philosophy. <br />C. Friends of OASIS shall maintain accurate records of all finances. A copy of all <br />Friends of OASIS financial reports will be forwarded to the Recreation & Senior <br />Services Department. <br />D. Fund raising or activities that provide private monetary gain must comply with <br />Council Policy B-4, Commercial Uses In Public Parks. <br />E. A total of 10% of the rental fees collected from the public use of facilities at <br />OASIS Senior Center shall be set aside annually for equipment replacement <br />and /or required refurbishments at OASIS Senior Center. <br />INSURANCE <br />The Friends of OASIS shall provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage as <br />determined by the City. <br />Adopted - January 21, 1980 <br />Amended - November 28,1988 <br />Amended - January 24,1994 <br />Amended - May 8, 2001 <br />Formerly I -17 <br />Formerly I -5 <br />Amended - April 23, 2002 <br />Reassigned - April 8, 2003 <br />Amended - April 13, 2004 <br />2 <br />0