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NEWPORT THEATRE ARTS CENTER <br />Background <br />The Newport Theatre Arts Center (Theatre) has been the site of community theatre <br />productions since 1979. The Friends of the Newport Theatre Arts Center (Friends), a non- <br />profit public benefit corporation, have, since 1980, managed the Theatre and offered first <br />class theatrical productions and shows using dedicated volunteers from the community. <br />The Friends have presented at least four productions a year, have funded their program <br />through ticket sales and donations from the private sector, and have used excess funds <br />to purchase theatrical equipment. The plays and shows presented by the Friends are <br />affordable to all economic segments of this community and offer residents a unique <br />opportunity to attend or participate in theatrical productions. The Friends represent the <br />epitome of "community theatre" - a volunteer effort using principally non -equity <br />performers that is self funded and offers performers of all skill levels an opportunity to <br />develop their talents. <br />ManagemenVPrimary Use <br />The City Council has, pursuant to a written management agreement, appointed the <br />Friends as the primary user and manager of the Theatre in recognition of their dedication, <br />skill and effort over the years. The City Council is aware that the consistent presentation <br />of first class community theatre requires extensive pre -production use of the venue for <br />rehearsal, set construction and related activities. The City Council has determined that <br />the community theatre program offered by the Friends requires exclusive use of the <br />Theatre for continuous and extended periods of time throughout the year and from year <br />to year. <br />As manager, the Friends are required to make the Theatre available, and to supervise its <br />use, by other groups or organizations selected by the City (Third Party/Third Parties) for <br />stage plays or artistic events during no less than two (2) two-week periods each year <br />(Reserved Periods). The Friends are also required to allow and supervise use by residents <br />and local business owners for short meetings or events of limited duration. The City <br />Council expects the Friends, in supervising the use of the Theatre by any Third Party, to <br />serve as a resource, if called upon, to facilitate the efforts of community groups <br />authorized by City to present stage plays at the Theatre. <br />1 <br />