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QVA <br />SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT REQUEST PROCESSING <br />PURPOSE <br />To set forth City policy concerning administration and control of special events. Special <br />events include activities as defined in Chapter 11.03 of Title 11 of the Newport Beach <br />Municipal Code. Requests that include activities for which the Municipal Code requires <br />that a permit be obtained may be included in the special event permit process. <br />POLICY <br />It is the policy of the City Council to ensure that the numerous special event activities <br />permitted by the City do not negatively affect the community, that requests for permits <br />are efficiently processed by staff, that City liability is eliminated, that all appropriate <br />insurance requirements are met, and that costs for municipal services provided are kept <br />at a reasonable level and recovered from the event sponsors. Affected City departments <br />shall be notified of special event permit requests in accordance with the schedule <br />attached and provide recommendations on how to conduct the event safely, lawfully <br />and with a minimum negative impact on the community. <br />It is the responsibility of the Recreation & Senior Services Director to coordinate the <br />administration of special events and to be the central contact point for residents or other <br />event sponsors, as well as the various City Departments having influence or control <br />over aspects of any given event. Requests for special event permit applications will be <br />received by a special event coordinator in Recreation & Senior Services and routinely <br />routed to appropriate departments for investigation. Each department will investigate <br />the proposed event and make a recommendation for approval or denial of the event. If <br />recommended for approval, recommended conditions for approval will also be <br />presented. <br />Events that include the following activities or aspects shall be additionally reviewed by <br />the departments indicated: <br />Activity Reviewing Department <br />Fireworks Fire Department <br />Police Department <br />City Manager <br />1