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A °f -1 -6 <br />RIM <br />BIKE, FOOT RACE AND SURF CONTEST POLICY <br />The purpose of this policy regarding the use of City streets and beaches for conducting <br />bicycle races, running events, surf contests and other athletic contests is to minimize the <br />inconvenience to City residents, and to eliminate any potential City liability for injuries <br />resulting from the event. All bicycle races, running events, surf contests and similar <br />athletic contests shall be required to secure a Special Event Permit, comply with all of <br />the conditions to the permit, and comply with the provisions of this Policy. Races, <br />running events and other athletic contests using City streets shall not be conducted <br />during the summer Qune 15 through September 15). No more than twelve (12) such <br />events shall be permitted during any calendar year and not more than four (4) in one <br />geographical area in one year. Surf contests using City beaches shall not be conducted <br />during Memorial Day weekend or summer (June 15 - September 15). No more than <br />eight (8) large and /or commercial events shall be permitted during any calendar year <br />and events shall be scheduled at least three (3) weeks apart. <br />All Surf competitions, no matter what the size, are required to register with the <br />Recreation & Senior Services Department a minimum of one month prior to the <br />scheduled event in order to receive approval for use of the requested location. There is <br />no fee for registration of a surf competition, only for the Special Event Permit, if needed. <br />All responsible parties must be able to provide upon request proof of a valid <br />registration approval during the hours of the surf competition. <br />The person or entity primarily responsible for administering the event must prove their <br />ability to pay for all required City safety and maintenance services prior to issuance of <br />any permit. Proof of ability to pay for these services shall be in the form of a cash <br />deposit, bond, or similar instrument. The permittee shall, prior to the event, provide <br />the City with evidence of insurance, with the City named as an additionally insured, <br />with minimum coverage of one (1) million dollars per occurrence unless the City <br />Attorney and City Manager determine that due to the circumstances surrounding the <br />event, more insurance coverage is necessary. <br />No permit shall be issued for any race, running event, surf contest or athletic contest <br />which is sponsored or financially supported by a tobacco or alcohol company and no <br />alcohol or tobacco shall be permitted to be dispensed or available in the event there are <br />participants under the age of 21. <br />Surf contest permits will be granted for specific dates only. No more than one surf <br />contest will be scheduled per day. Surf contest permits do not allow for the exclusive <br />use of the ocean or contest area and are always subject to blackball rules and <br />1