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D-1 <br />3 <br /> <br />6. Confidential Information <br /> <br />News Releases shall not contain information, which is confidential <br />pursuant to provisions of State or Federal statutory or decisional law, or <br />which has been received by the City pursuant to a representation of <br />confidentiality. Documents or information exempt from disclosure <br />pursuant to provisions of the California Public Records Act shall not be <br />contained in any news release without City Attorney approval. No City <br />representative will release public information contrary to the provisions of <br />the California Public Records Act, the Brown Act, the California Penal <br />Code, cases interpreting those statutes, or City of Newport Beach policy. <br />Any questions related to Public Records Act requests should be directed <br />to the City Clerk’s Office and the City Attorney’s Office. <br /> <br />C. Guidelines <br /> <br />1. Litigation, Personnel, Election Issues <br /> <br />Due to legal and privacy concerns, any request for information related to <br />litigation, personnel or election issues must be handled by the appropriate <br />department. This information includes: private employee information, <br />employee disciplinary actions, matters considered in closed sessions of <br />City Council, certain law enforcement records, certain Fire and EMS <br />records, matters related to internal and external security, privileged <br />communication records and work products of the City Attorney or special <br />legal counsel, draft correspondence or documents, and records pertaining <br />to litigation where the City is a party. <br /> <br />• Media inquiries regarding pending or ongoing litigation should be <br /> referred to the City Attorney’s Office. <br />• Questions regarding personnel issues or matters should be referred to <br /> the Human Resources Department. <br />• Any inquiries regarding election or campaign issues should be referred <br /> to the City Clerk’s Office. <br /> <br />In all cases, especially if there is any question as to which department <br />should respond to the inquiry, the department should notify the City <br />Manager and the Public Information Manager about the inquiry. <br />