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D-4 <br />PURPOSE <br />EMPLOYEE SUGGESTION PROGRAM (IDEA} <br />To establish a method for employees to submit suggestions on improving City business <br />practices. The objective of the program is to achieve efficiencies in City operations by <br />providing employees an opportunity and incentive to contribute their ideas. Ideas <br />resulting in measurable cost savings, increased efficiency or increased revenue to the <br />City will be given priority. The program shall be entitled Ideas Developed through <br />Employee Awareness (IDEA). <br />POLICY <br />Organizational Structure. A review board shall be established to review each idea <br />submitted. The review board shall be made up of seven members appointed by the <br />City Manager. The City Manager shall also designate one of the review board members <br />to serve as the IDEA coordinator. Each member shall have one vote. A simple majority <br />of members present shall required for approval of all matters before the review board. <br />Submittal and Review Procedure. Employee suggestions must be submitted to the <br />IDEA coordinator on the approved IDEA form. Forms may be submitted directly to the <br />IDEA coordinator and do not have to go through the department chain of command. <br />Forms may be obtained from any department director’s secretary or from the Personnel <br />Department. All ideas will be acknowledged upon receipt by the coordinator. The <br />coordinator shall then forward a copy of the IDEA form to the appropriate <br />department(s) for evaluation. It will be the responsibility of that department to assign <br />one or more technically qualified individuals to investigate each submitted idea. After <br />review by the affected department(s), a written response signed by the department <br />director shall be returned to the IDEA coordinator with a recommendation to adopt, <br />reject or defer implementation. On ideas recommended for adoption, the affected <br />department(s) shall verify the projected cost or operational benefit to the City and <br />prepare a summary for presentation to the review board for evaluation. The review <br />1