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D-4 <br />the employee that the City will be permitted to use the patentable idea without cost to <br />the City. <br />Criteria for |ud~ng Suggestions. Ideas that result in one of the following outcomes will <br />have the greatest chance of adoption: <br />B. <br />C. <br />D. <br />E. <br />F. <br />G. <br />Measurable Cost Savings <br />Increased Revenue to the City <br />Increased Efficiency <br />Improved Work Environment <br />Improved Safety and Health <br />Increased Employee Morale <br />Improved Public Relations <br />IDEA Awards. If an idea is adopted, the amount of the award will depend on whether <br />the idea is one which results in tangible or intangible savings as determined by the <br />review board. Tangible ideas are those which have a definite dollar value. Intangible <br />ideas do not necessarily have a measurable dollar value and/or the financial impact is <br />difficult to determine. Ideas involving working conditions, employee morale, public <br />service or safety may fall in the intangible category. <br />Tangible Ideas. Ideas resulting in net revenue increases would qualify for an award <br />equal to 10% of the first year’s revenue enhancement, verified through audit. Ideas <br />resulting in net cost savings would qualify for an award equal to 10% of the first year’s <br />"hard dollar" cost reduction, verified through audit. The maximum award for any <br />single idea shall be $10,000.00. <br />Intangible Ideas. Based on the extent of implementation and its overall effect on the <br />organization, a minimum of $30 and a maximum of $300 will be awarded. <br />3