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E-2 <br />COUNCIL MEETINGS AGENDA DISTRIBUTION <br />TO THE PUBLIC BY MAIL <br />The agenda of City Council meetings will be mailed to any business, organization or <br />individual upon furnishing the City Clerk’s office with stamped, self-addressed <br />envelopes. The City Clerk shall specify type, size and postage required. <br />Any person may obtain a copy of the agenda and all or a portion of the associated <br />backup material from the City Clerk upon payment of the direct cost of duplication, as <br />established by Council resolution. <br />Adopted - December 17,1973 <br />Amended - March 13,1978 <br />Amended - February 9,1981 <br />Amended - October 12, 1982 <br />Amended- November 12,1985 <br />Reaffirmed - January 24,1994 <br />Amended - June 13,1994 <br />Amended - March 14, 2000