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F -11 <br />ACQUISITION CUSTODY AND DISPOSAL OF CONTROLLED PROPERTY <br />PURPOSE <br />To set forth the City's policy concerning establishment of procedures and assignment of <br />responsibilities regarding acquisition, custody, and disposal of controlled property. <br />The primary focus of this policy, and the procedures to which it refers, is security of the <br />City's property and equipment. <br />DEFINITION <br />Controlled Property is defined as property having an initial value greater than $500, <br />with two exceptions. At the discretion of the City Manager or a Department Head, <br />individual items of City property of less than $500 value may be designated as <br />controlled property. This should be done with items especially subject to theft or <br />misuse. Conversely, major fixed assets with no potential for theft, such as buildings, <br />land, water and sewer lines, and other assets affixed to the earth are exempted from <br />some aspects of this policy, such as custody control. For a discussion of the distinction <br />between "end items" of equipment, which are subject to property control procedures, <br />and components of that equipment, which require a different level of control, see the <br />City's Property Control Procedures. <br />PROPERTY CONTROL RESPONSIBILITIES <br />The Administrative Services Director shall establish and maintain citywide property <br />control and disposal procedures. However, basic accountability for City property, <br />along with the responsibility for maintaining appropriate day to day measures to keep <br />it reasonably secure, lies with the Department Head whose budget appropriation was <br />used for original procurement of the property (unless transferred to another <br />Department). <br />Items designated to be included in the property control system will be entered into the <br />system at the time they are acquired and removed from the system when they are <br />disposed. Custody of assets will be established to the Department Head level. <br />Department Heads may establish sub custody to their Divisions, or other subordinate <br />levels within their Departments, if they desire. Department Heads must advise the <br />Administrative Services Director of any transfers of property between custodians, or of <br />any other adjustments or realignments to be effected. <br />40 1